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Arenal Pictures Photo Gallery

Arenal Pictures Photo Gallery – Worth a Thousand Words

Ahh….lovely Arenal, Costa Rica.  Some have lived it, others yearn to experience it and still others can’t imagine life without it.  Many people have come and fallen in love with the home of the Arenal Volcano.  Even more beautiful in person, Arenal pictures are but a brief glimpse of it’s majesty.  As beautiful as the kingdoms you read about in children’s tales, the Arenal is very real.  It’s also much closer than you think.  Just a few hours away by plane, it’s worth the planning and effort to get here.  One of the volcanic jungles within your reach, it’s a very safe and welcoming place loved by all.  In fact, most people I have met in Arenal are either returning visitors or now locals.  Yes, some tourists simply fall in love with Arenal and move out here.

Whether you are thinking of visiting or long to come back, we hope you enjoy the Toad Hall Hotel image gallery.  It’s our collection of Arenal Pictures Photo Gallery to ensure that you can travel back to this enchanting place anytime you like.

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