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Arenal Birds Photo Gallery

Arenal Birds Photo Gallery –  A Bird Watcher’s Delight!

Calling all Bird Watchers!  A favorite of National Geographic, Costa Rica is home to over 894 species of birds.  Attracted by it’s tropical climate and abundant fruit trees, Costa Rica has more species of birds than all of the U.S. and Canada combined!  Of these, 600 of these being residents, the rest just dropping by to say hello.  Seven of the native bird species are endemic, which means that they only exist in Costa Rica.  If you love birding, Costa Rica is a must on your bucket list.  One of the most ecologically friendly countries in the world, Costa Rica makes it a priority to ensure the survival of their natural habitats.

Arenal is one of the most popular tourist spots where people flock to enjoy flocks!  With near 400 reported species of birds, you only need to wake up early and the morning to enjoy their angelic choir.   Enjoy our Arenal Birds Photo Gallery to view photos of birds taken at the Toad Hall Hotel.  Stay at the Toad Hall Hotel and be prepared to be greeted by quetzals, toucans, oropendulas, hawks and hummingbirds among many other feathered friends.  Book your stay today!


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